Why we created the hitting harness

Kids don't listen ;)

You can talk, preach, and Google hitting videos all you want, but players need to FEEL the correct swing. The harness gives you just that. It teaches the player to FEEL where their weight is in the swing.

If they are too upright, they fall out. If they don't drive into the ball, they fall out. They learn to counter the resistance provided by the harness, to lean in through the whole swing for maximum power.

Words and instruction don't create improvement. FEEL does.

Welcome to The Hitting Harness, where we let the training aid become the coach without words needed.

And like a bat weight does for a bat, the harness gives "weight" to the hips. Swing multiple times with harness on, then take it off and feel how light and fast your hips actually can be.

Try it once. You will feel the hidden power you've been lacking.

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Frequently Asked questions

Q: How do I know what size to get?
A: Use a tape measure to measure your waist (right at the navel). If the measurement is less than 30", order a Small. If the measurement is greater than 30", order a Large.

Q: Where can I find instructions for use?
A: You can find the instructions within your product packaging or you can view them in the video below.

Q: Why would I need an extra bungee?
A: Great question! Some players find that they would like to add in additional resistance with the second bungee. We recommend that any player over 150 lbs. purchase the additional bungee.